The Elms rock band

Rock and roll has always been a part of the culture that we are living in today, in fact it was the first genre of music that made music as a culture and then came the pop culture. The Elms is a rock band that has been in existence since 2000 to 2001 since the release of their full length album and they play a bluesy rock and roll genre , and they have retained the chart top of the 18th position as their carreers best here is a brief history of how they started .


This band was started by Owen Thomas and Thomas Daugherty they had the idea of starting they got together in grad school and they composed music and recorded they’re music on a hand held recorder this was their hobby and later as both of them relocated thy could not get together very often. Later in the year 2000 the Thomas brothers signed a contract with the sparrow records owned by the EMI company the next step was naming the band and they called it THE ELMS after their relatives house in England now they had to find people play the instruments they first approached their friend Thomas Daugherty who had already been playing in many bands in his native state of Missouri , he immediately joined them and started working towards releasing their first album as a band titled ‘The Big surprise’


They were know for being a very tight and their melodic sensibility and their lyrical content was on the mark , they have performed alongside some of the big names in the industry and they have more than nine hundred shows to their belt they are known for giving a riotous performance on live and they were also known for releasing new songs during a live concert they have also been known to record albums during the live .

After a ten year long illustrious career in music they finally decided to move on and disbanded in the year 2010, but before they left they gave one last show for their fans at the Indianapolis rock club on July 30, 2010 the tickets for the show was sold out five weeks prior to the bands performance , the show lasted for more than 4 hours and they had nearly 40 songs containing all the songs that was written by them over a period of 10 years was a real hit for them .

They released a movie called’ The last band on Earth : The Elms’ it was released on the November of 2011 they had a reunion show on July 24 , 2015 the show was arranged for the benefit of a non-profit organization , for which the tickets sold out very fast and it was a great show , they don’t intend on getting back together and starting their musical career again.


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